27 February 2011

The hole

When it comes to explaining the birds and the bees, I’ve always believed that honesty is the best policy (well, as close to the truth as possible without scarring your children’s minds with images of mummy and daddy doing the fandango).

However, on a recent trip to the beach, a conversation about holes with four-year-old Boy-Who-Asks-Questions soon had me scrambling to get out of my own honest, but deep, hole.

22 February 2011

Pilot Mum

The other day at kindy I met a mum who, through the course of our usual morning “drop-off” chitchat, revealed she was a pilot. And not just any old pilot – we’re talking 767s.

I nearly threw myself at her feet.

Not just because she is juggling an amazing career with motherhood (that in itself is probably a more worthy post than this one, so I will get to that soon). But because when it comes to flying, my name is Nervous Nelly.

17 February 2011

The decision

I’ve never been great at making decisions. And this one is proving particularly difficult.

I’ve worked as a freelance consultant for the past two years. It gives me flexibility to be a mum to Little Fairy and Boy-Who-Asks-Questions, and wife to Busy-And-Important-Husband. It’s been surprisingly easy, and I’ve enjoyed it.

It hasn’t been a struggle to find clients. Granted, most are previous employees, and one in particular (you know who you are) has been incredibly supportive. I’ve dabbled in different industries, I’ve learnt different things, and I’ve been quite proud to say the words: “I have my own business.”

However, at the start of the year I woke up with an itch. Perhaps it was just my ego, or a genuine curiosity to see if I still “had it”…so I threw my CV in for a job with a major global firm.

And, well, I got it.

16 February 2011

RIP Flopsy the bunny

My little family grew up this month. Two-year-old Little Fairy and four-year-old Boy-Who-Asks-Questions were introduced to the concept of mortality.

But before we got to that life milestone, I had to do a little “juggling many balls under much emotional stress”. Yes, it was a dead rabbit, and yes, I have led a sheltered life…but it’s a good story so indulge me my melodramatics.